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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Albert Pyun's Cool Air, first images...

With the release of H.P. Lovecraft's Cool Air just weeks away, director Albert Pyun has released a few stills from the film which revolves around a screen writer named Charlie Baxter who has just had his "perfect" screenplay rejected and finds himself broke and in need of new inspiration...

The film was written by Cynthia Curnan, and stars Morgan Weisser, Crystal Green, Jenny Paulin and Norbert Weisser...

Check out a few of the stills below, and visit for more...

(Thanks to Albert Pyun)


  1. Hi Craig,

    Thanks for kind attention. Its much appreciated. I think the movie came out great with strong performances and a lot of nice creepy texture courtesy of Vefx artists and the sound design. The is an underlying feeling of despair and isolation throughout. It's one creepy Malibu Mansion!

    A trailer should be ready and uploaded to my vimeo page as well as a week from next Tuesday. Look forward to your thoughts on it.

    Thanks again,
    Albert Pyun
    albert pyun movies / facebook

  2. blah, blah, blah. more delusional albert pyun bullshit


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