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Sunday, October 25, 2009

New film uncovered: Vigor Mortis...

Vigor Mortis is a Dutch language thriller, shot in Turnhout, Belgium, based on HPL's The Hound that tells the story of Edgar, a young man who, under influence of his charismatic but decadent friend St. John, is dragged into that most heinous of crimes: grave robbing.

On one of their nightly excursions St. John and Edgar find an amulet of exotic design in a freshly unearthed coffin. After returning to their mansion, the grave robbers soon learn that they are no longer alone. Strange noises and disturbing events herald the dreadful curse that is descending upon them.

In an attempt to escape his grisly fate, Edgar returns to the cemetery to restore the amulet to its rightful resting place. But it appears that that is easier said than done…

Written/directed by Kristof Mateusen and co–directed/shot by Frederic Cervini, Vigor Mortis stars Kenneth Coremans and Frederick Van Peer. Music for the film was provided by Art of Empathy...

Check out the official site (in Dutch) here...

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  1. Ooo, nice. I hope they release a subtitled version!

  2. subtitled DVD version is available at their website


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