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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Updated: New Lovecraft audio recordings...

A repost with updates...

Please welcome guest blogger MorganScorpion who shares her audio recordings of H.P. Lovecraft...

I became disabled a few years ago, and as a result of having to give up work, I turned to daytime television. It was hell. So I turned to audiobooks and embroidery to pass the time. Eventually I discovered Librivox; an online organization dedicated to recording out-of copyright books and putting them online for free distribution. Librivox uses volunteers, and always needs new ones. After downloading and enjoying their recordings for over a year I began to feel I should give them something back for all the entertainment they had given me. In short, I volunteered out of guilt, intending to record a few chapters then go back to just listening. To my surprise, I enjoyed myself. I've been a regular contributor ever since. Lovecraft fans are really in love with the man's work. They can't get enough of it. But there is a dearth of his later works available online, as the copyright status of his later work is uncertain. So I thought I'd fill in the breach, so to speak. I hope in time that a professional actor, like Jeffrey Combs or John Lithgow will do Lovecraft full justice.

MorganScorpion's Lovecraft audio recordings are linked below...

- The Festival
- The Hound
- Pickman's Model
- The Lurking Fear
- Dreams in the Witch-House
- The Unnameable
- From Beyond
- The Shunned House
- At the Mountains of Madness (part one)
- At the Mountains of Madness (part two)
- At the Mountains of Madness (part three) NEW
- At the Mountains of Madness (parts four and five) NEW
- At the Mountains of Madness (parts six and seven) NEW
- At the Mountains of Madness (parts eight and nine) NEW
- At the Mountains of Madness (part ten, eleven and twelve) NEW
- The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (chapter one) NEW

(Thanks to MorganScorpion)

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