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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Free ATROM screening...

For Immediate Release:

Date: Saturday, November 21, 2009
Time: 8:05pm - 9:05pm
Location: 2 Sussex Ave, Toronto, ON

FREE preview screening for the cast, crew and friends of At The Reefers Of Madness and The Whimsical Notions Of A Strange Deer Girl.

When I say FREE, I mean it, please come and enjoy the finished versions of these two shorts (plus a couple other very short shorts), and tell everyone you know and bring as many friends as you can. These are being submitted to fests right now, so they won't be online for many months and this will be your ONLY chance to see them until then. I may also screen The Seventh Shadow, which was recently accepted and shown at the HP Lovecraft Film Fest in Portland, OR.

At The Reefers Of Madness is a Lovecraft-influenced stoner comedy that imagines what would happen if modern college students attending Miskatonic University found themselves in the possession of the ancient book of evil, The Necronomicon. Instead of using it to obtain limitless power, they only want to conjure more weed for themselves. A Disciple of the Great Old Ones offers to grant their wish in exchange for a sacrifice, and soon the students find themselves 'laughing and killing in joy' as absurdity and insanity ensue.

The Whimsical Notions Of A Strange Deer Girl is a short musical project starring and featuring the music of Hank Pine and Lily Fawn and tells the story of the mysterious Deer Girl of the forest who ventures into the city, finds herself captured by an evil circus, and escapes with the help of Hank, until she decides to rescue babies from their evil alien parents with the help of a UFO that takes her into space.

The screening will be held at the Innis Town Hall theatre on the University of Toronto campus, at the corner of St. George and Sussex ave. The easiest way to get here if you are taking TTC is get off the subway at St. George station and exit via the St. George street exit. Walk south one block from Bloor onto the U of T campus, and turn right onto Sussex, the theatre is on the right (the north side of the street). We're screening pretty early (8PM) so that you can still go out after.

For more on ATROM -
For music from Hank & Lily -

(Thanks to Brian Clement)

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