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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Last Poe Picture Show: an evening of Poe on film...

For Immediate Release:


THE LAST POE PICTURE SHOW—an evening of Poe on film

WHEN: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21ST, 2009. 7PM (Doors open to the public at 6PM)

WHERE: Westminster Hall. 519 W. Fayette Street. Baltimore, Maryland 21201

ADMISSION: FREE and open to the public! But reserve your tickets now, as seating is limited! Reserve your tickets at:

Join us for our final event celebrating Poe's Bicentennial in Baltimore and for a fun evening of films inspired by the work of Edgar Allan Poe!


Vincent Price in HOUSE OF USHER (1960). Roger Corman's first Poe adaptation!

POE ON FILM TRIVIA CONTEST! Smart and lucky winners who "know Poe" and the movies can win DVDs!

Mario Cavalli's THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO (1998). A thrilling adaptation of the Poe classic!

Panel Discussion: POE ON FILM with Chris Kaltenbach (film critic, The Baltimore Sun), Gregory William Mank ("Golden Age Horror" historian and author), Tony Tsendeas (actor, "The Poe Show"). Moderated by Mark Redfield (actor and filmmaker, "The Death of Poe"). Stay after HOUSE OF USHER for a lively discussion about Poe and the cinema. With 100 years of Poe inspired movies, we'll have plenty to talk about! Bring your questions!

FREE POPCORN! Refreshments also available.

FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. But reserve your ticket NOW as space is limited! Reserve them at:

ALSO: Do your Poe holiday shopping early! Vendors will be present featuring Poe-related gift items, perfect for the holidays, from t-shirts to DVDs to Gregory William Manks's new book "Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff", signed by the author himself!


PREVIEWS OF POE: We've assembled trailers (or "previews of coming attractions") of some of the many films inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. From the Universal Studios adaptations that starred Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, to the Roger Corman "Poe-Cycle" produced by American International Pictures and from films from all over the world, including works from filmmakers Frederico Fellini, Dario Argento and many more. How many have you seen?

THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO (1998). Starring Anton Blake (Montressor) and Patrick Monckton (Fortunato). Directed by Mario Cavalli. Screenplay by Richard Deakin. Great Britain. Color. 16 minutes. Superbly acted and photographed adaptation of Poe's classic tale of revenge, Cavalli's film has played in festivals world-wide. Filmed in 35mm with a hand-cranked camera and using available light, this CASK is one of the finer vintages of short film adaptations we've seen!

POE ON FILM TRIVIA CONTEST: Seven lucky winners receive Poe movies on DVD!


HOUSE OF USHER (1960). Starring Vincent Price, Mark Damon, Myrna Fahey. Screenplay by Richard Matheson. Directed by Roger Corman. USA. Color. 79 minutes. USHER is the first of the adaptations in Corman's so-called "Poe-cycle" for American International Pictures and remains a strong entry in the series. When AIP producer Sam Arkoff, known for producing quickie creature feature films for teenagers on the drive-in movie circuit, asked Corman what was "the monster" in this new horror film, Corman thought quickly on his feet and replied, "The house! The house is the monster!" Arkoff bought it, and green lit the film for production! Roger Corman will receive an honorary Oscar in 2010 for his prolific body of work.

PANEL DISCUSSION: "POE ON FILM". Stay and join us in a lively discussion moderated by actor and filmmaker Mark Redfield ("The Death of Poe", "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"). Our panelists include Chris Kaltenbach (film critic for the Baltimore Sun), Gregory William Mank (film historian and author of the recently published "Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff: The Expanded Story of a Haunting Collaboration") and Tony Tsendeas (actor, director and Poe interpreter, currently touring his one-man show "The Poe Show"). Please note that all panelists are confirmed, but appearance at the event remains subject to last minute professional commitments beyond our control.


(Thanks to Mark Redfield)

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