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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Doctor Glamour images, info, and more...

Special thanks to Andrew W. Jones for the following guest blog post... has given a lot of coverage to my previous short film "Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer," the cyber punk Lovecraft comedy, so when asked to give an update on my latest effort, "Doctor Glamour" I jumped at the chance.

Log Line:
Peerless science student Walter Gilman meets his match in Eve Walpurgis and promptly falls in love.

But when Eve is taken by an extra dimensional terror, Walter is forced to summon a demon of his own: the anachronistic DOCTOR GLAMOUR!

An outrageous sci-fi comedy with mind-melting special effects, sexy sharp humor and a slew of hard hitting rock numbers, DOCTOR GLAMOUR will bad touch your funny bone!

As you've read here, Doctor Glamour is probably the most Lovecraft heavy short I've made, yet simultaneously the farthest from the writer in terms of tone. It is set in steampunk alternate history Arkham and the opening five minutes has story beats pulled right from "Dreams in the Witchhouse."

It's been a little over two months since wrapping principle photography on Doctor Glamour, and so far post production has been blazing along.

Like "DanCoolo," it's a green screen film, but this time out I decided to go with a far more varied, focused and polished aesthetic. This required way more prep time, eight months in fact, to achieve. Virtual sets were iterated until exactly right and every shot was created in 3-d animatic form using those sets.

This long prep has yielded incredible dividends, as my VFX team has be able to turn out over ten minutes of finalized footage (over half the film) in two months. For comparison, "DanCoolo" was seven minutes long, had a quarter of the environments and it took FOUR months to complete the VFX.

Not that post has been without the usual headaches of tweaking and compromising to get a film that works as well as possible. For example, major changes were made to one environment, changing a fleshy organic look into a barren asteroid surface.

The progress is heartening, as now it looks like the film will get completed this October, rather than spring of next year!

If you'd like a more in depth look at the topics covered here and an inside insight into the process of creating the film, check out our production blog at:

Our previous film, "Frank DanCoolo" is now also available to watch in HD on vimeo!

(Thanks to Andrew W. Jones)

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