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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Warehouse 13 – Season 1, Episode 11 - „Nevermore“

Last night was the first time I watched „Warehouse 13“ … I heard about the series and thought I'd give it a try. And what a fun it turned out to be …

The episode „Nevermore“ deals with a student that is obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe and tries to win a fellow student's heart by means of poetry. As fate would have it, he comes across one part of a two-part „artifact“ that spreads a Poe-esque madness. This where the fun for both the Poe-fanatic and Lovecraftians starts. While the episode continues with the hunt for the second part for the „artifact“, we're in for some serious name-dropping and cross references.

While the two agents interrogate the school's dean, you can hear the following dialogue:
Dean: „He does have a reputation for scaring people.“
Pete: „Really? Does he like horror novels? Stephen King? Lovecraft? Poe?“
Dean: „You're assuming the boy reads? No, he's just a bully.“
Later, in Mr. Ives classroom, which happens to be an attic, they hear some kind of a knocking coming from behind the walls.
Claudia: „This is just the beating of my hideous ...“
Pete: „Listen. What is that?“
Claudia: „A … rat in the wall?“
Both: „A Cask of Amontillado!“
So, if you ever wanted to find out what happens when a book really „gets under your skin“ and enjoy bits of Lovecraftian references, I really recommend this episode to you.
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