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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Review - The Unnamable II:The Statement of Randolph Carter (1993) R

Filmed during the Lovecraft renaissance of the early 90's and set immediately following the first Unnamable film, the Unnamable II does manage to incorporate portions of the "Statement of Randolph Carter" into its storyline. Unlike other, more mainstream, productions, this movie doesn't rely on blood and gore. While it does have its share of gore, is doesn't go over the top the way the Re-Animator series does. Instead it relies on story to drive it along.

The idea is simple, after separating the Demon from its host Randolph Carter must try to destroy the demon. It is that very simplicity that gives this movie some of its charm. The movie relies on its locations and characters to tell a fast paced, if simple, story. Indeed, one could almost imagine the scenario playing out this way very easily and the majority of the film has a very realistic flow.

The casting for the movie is rather interesting. In a time before Lovecraft porn began to appear, adult movie star Julie Strain put on the costume of the creature for this movie. Interestingly enough, this may be the first movie where she didn't bare all for the cameras. Another interesting bit of casting is John Rhys-Davies as Professor Warren.

Now, I have said that Jeffrey Combs as "Herbert West" is the guilty pleasure of Lovecraft cinema. If this is true then Mark Kinsey Stephenson as Randolph Carter is Lovecraft cinema's hidden gem. Stephenson's Carter is witty, charming and fun. He also is quite adept at pointing out the obvious that most people would like to overlook.

Howard - Do we have to do this at night?
Carter - Do you really think it would be any safer in the daytime?

Word is that a third installment of this series is to begin shooting summer 2005, twelve years after the release of this movie. I can only hope that Stephenson returns in the title role, the character won't be the same without him.

Of course, the DVD release of this movie hits on my biggest pet peeve, not a single bonus feature. No director commentary, no preview trailer or even a stills gallery. Equally disturbing is the fact that while the Unnamable II is available on DVD, the original film the Unnamable isn't. Hopefully someone will fix this eventually as I would love to have both in my collection of DVDs. I think that not releasing them together as a two disc set was a missed opportunity. Of course, in the UK there is exactly what I would want, a pack with both movies, loaded with extras, for £16.99. Hopefully Lions Gate films will get the hint.

Review © Bob Brinkman 2005


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  2. Even better than first film. Great movie with awesome creature!


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