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Sunday, December 1, 2013

That is not dead, which can eternal lie

Things have been quiet around here for the last five months, perhaps it is time to explain why.

Craig Mullins, the founder of stepped down from the site to focus on other projects. His writing has recently appeared in the anthologies Strange-Versus-Lovecraft and Strange Sex. He continues writing and has quite a bit more in the pipe as it were.

Lady Lovecraft stepped in during the initial interim. I think we were all hoping that Craig would return to the site, and there was a general sense of disbelief that he was truly leaving. Six months ago, Lady Lovecraft went silent. She too is busy working on a number of things, and she keeps up an active social media presence.

July 10th, the site went quiet. Since that time, the original domain of has expired and this blog became a little harder to find. But tonight, it stirs in its sleep and begins to awaken.

Unfilmable has always been THE place to go to learn about Lovecraftian cinema projects and we're starting to get that back n track. We have some announcements coming in the next few weeks that are really interesting and we plan on reclaiming our throne.

For now, we'll start with reposting some reviews from the original site, content thought lost to time which, like ourselves is just no beginning to resurface.

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  1. And with Strange Aeons, blog death has died.

    Good to see this arise again.


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