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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

At the Mountains of Monsters...

The New Yorker has published an epic 13 page article on Guillermo del Toro (written by Daniel Zalewski), and contained within are some very revealing descriptions of the 'monsters' and city from At the Mountains of Madness! Check out some excerpts below...

"Let's say that creature A [a Shoggoth] turns into creature A-B, then turns into creature B, then turns into creature B-C. And by the time it lands on a guy it's creature E. It's like when you grab a sock and you pull it inside out. From his mouth, he extrudes himself."

"A coral reef is a shitload of skeletons fused together, right? All the technology those creatures have, all their technology is organic. You and I use metals, plastics. These creatures don't have weapons or chisels. They create other creatures as tools."

The above quotes are just the tip of the iceberg, so head over to The New Yorker for more, but beware, there are some surprising spoilers contained in the article including the ultimate shocker at the end...

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