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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MovieScore Media to release La Sombra Prohibida soundtrack...

For Immediate Release:

MovieScore Media to release La Sombra Prohibida
Sequel to La Herencia Valdemar

Soundtrack Features Dark Orchestral Score By Gaudi Award-Nominated Composer Arnau Bataller

(January 31, 2011- Los Angeles, CA) – Moviescore Media ( hears the call of Cthulhu with La Sombra Prohibida -- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The film is the sequel to 2010's La Herencia Valdemar and features the original music composed Arnau Bataller (Héroes, La Herencia Valdemar). The films are based on the H.P. Lovecraft universe and feature an appearance by Cthulhu.

Arnau Bataller was born in Alzira, Valencia. Thanks to the influence of his parents, he had an early interest in music, theater and reading. At the age of seven, he began studying music theory and violin at the Alzira Musical Society. After getting a professional degree in violin in 1998, Arnau decided to concentrate his efforts on the world of composition. He had always been attracted to the union of music and image, so he decided to specialize in music for film. For this reason he decided to pursue his studies in composition at USC in Los Angeles.

Since his days at USC, Bataller has composed music for several feature films, including 14 Days With Victor, Héroes, Ouija, and La Herencia Valdemar. He has also written concert music, including the chamber piece "Tre movimenti alla Rosini", which was recorded by Josep Fuster and Isabel Hernández. Bataller has been nominated for several awards including the Jerry Goldsmith Award and the Il Gaudi Award for Héroes.

Four days ago, Lúisa Llorente, a farm appraiser, had the formidable task of going to evaluate the home of Lazarus Valdemar, but she's not been heard from. Two expeditions go out in search of her: the first is Nicholas Tramel, a detective hired by Maximilian Colvin, head of Inmoverance, the company Lúisa works for, and the other comprised of coworkers Ana and Eduardo, who travel by car with the idea of joining forces with the detective, but something happens.

Composer Bataller utilizes some of the themes he created for La Herencia Valdemar, but has created a new sound for La Sombra Prohibida. He described, "The second part has more action than Herencia. Furthermore, we now learn more about some of the characters that become crucial to understand the story, and therefore we needed new motivic material. For example, Cthulhu, the cosmic entity created by H.P. Lovecraft, has music that tries to depict his grandiosity and his menace."

To achieve this, Bataller worked with a symphonic orchestra and a choir. "I invented the lyrics trying to use words that had a lot of consonants, so they had more phonetic impact," said Bataller. "I looked to some writings of Lovecraft with some old texts he invented as a guide to create the lyrics. In addition, I codified some messages in the lyrics that only few people who worked in the film can appreciate."

Universal Pictures International and LA Cruzada Entertainment present La Sombra Prohibida, in theaters in Spain on January 28, 2011. La Sombra Prohibida – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from Moviescore Media will be available digitally and CD on February 1, 2011.

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(Thanks to MovieScore Media)

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