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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paul Giamatti talks John Dies at the End...

Paul Giamatti talks John Dies at the End with Quint from Ain't It Cool News! Check out several quotes below, and click here for more...

"It looks great. It looks really great. I'm so excited about that film. I'm so looking forward to the movie. I think it's going to be great. It looks amazing what (Don Coscarelli)'s already put together."

"Yeah, we were helping him produce it. No man, it's almost like an embarrassment of riches, that thing. It's almost going to be like what's going to be tragic is what's going to have to go, because stuff is going to have to go and it's like it will kill me whatever goes because you want it all to be in there and you've still got to have this stuffed bag of stuff. I mean I saw the bratwurst scene, which is so hilarious, and the guys that he got, Chase Williamson who plays Wong is… He's got the tone so perfectly. He's fantastic in it, that kid. He's really good. Don cast it brilliantly. The actors were so good. 

The guy who plays the Rastafarian is amazing and that's one of my favorite things in the movie, that speech that that guy has about the dreams and the thunder and all of that stuff. The guy does it… It's fantastic."

- Paul Giamatti

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