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Saturday, July 7, 2012

H.P. Lovecraft Double Feature at Artisphere in Arlington

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On Saturday, Artisphere in Arlington will screen two of those films: "The Whisperer in Darkness" and "The Call of Cthulhu."

H.P. Lovecraft Society co-founder Sean Branney has enjoyed the author's work from a young age.
"We've been playing around in his universe ever since," Branney said of he and his friends.
Branney directed the two films screening at Artisphere. He said adapting the works was challenging because Lovecraft didn't write much dramatic dialogue. He also added that other adaptations were unsatisfying.

One twist Branney and his crew did in creating the adaptations was to film them as if they were being made in the year Lovecraft wrote the story. "Whisperer in Darkness" is filmed in black and white, much like the Dracula and Frankenstein flicks of the era.
"We thought it might be interesting to keep with that tradition," Branney said. "It seemed very well suited to the Lovecraft aesthetic.
The dark, macabre works of Lovecraft have enjoyed a cult following.
"I can't speak for everybody, but what is interesting to me is that he created a mythology that put mankind in its place," Branney said of Lovecraft's appeal. "There certainly is an audience for this kind of picture."

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