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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Richard Stanley talks about a forthcoming Lovecraft film!

Dread Central provides us with a very interesting interview with Richard Stanley. Amongst other news, he has this to say about a forthcoming Lovecraft movie:

"Everyone was pretty happy with "The Mother of Toads" episode. The actual segment was shot for a lot less than what we used to shoot the music videos for. It worked out well; the producers are very satisfied with the results so they’re talking about bankrolling a feature-length Lovecraft adaptation, which we hope to shoot in the next year. The idea is to shoot it out here on location in the backwoods of the Pyrenees. We do live in a very Lovecraftian part of the world, which we showed off pretty well in "The Mother of Toads".

You can read the complete interview at Dread

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