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Sunday, July 8, 2012

S.T. Joshi on "Shadow of the Unnamable"

Sascha Renninger, writer, director and producer of "Shadow of the Unnamable" just sent us this via e-mail:

"S.T. Joshi, the world’s leading Lovecraft scholar and bibliographer had this to say about our film:

“Shadow of the Unnamable is a splendid Lovecraftian film. With its convincing period atmosphere, its restrained but powerful special effects, and most of all its hints of cosmic terror, it captures the essence of the Lovecraftian imagination.”

We feel very honoured and hopefully will be ready to start our crowd funding campaign for the next film this year!

We have one script ready and one in the works. Both will work with “Shadow of the Unnamable” to form a classic anthology film

Each episode will have it´s own unique style, just like the different themes Lovecraft explored in his stories."

Please find further information about the movie here:

Lady Lovecraft

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