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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fragment 1890

Just in via e-mail from Sascha Renninger:

After the award winning “Shadow of the Unnamable”, here is the new short film from writer, director and producer Sascha Alexander Renninger: Fragment 1890 - a chilling vision of cosmic horror. It´s the second of three planned Lovecraft adaptations by Sascha and based on “The Thing in the Moonlight”. Most of the scenes have been successfully shot, and the first teaser and other content will soon be presented at: 

New England in the late 1920ties.
Dr. Barlow is stunned when his young patient Morgan Derleth turns out to be psychic. Through her, he receives a cry for help from the writer Robert Blake.
It seems that Blake is trapped in a strange and terrible dreamworld, after a failed experiment with an exotic drug. Every night, he´s on the run from faceless alien creatures.
Can Blake be saved?

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