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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Online Viewing: H P Lovecraft's The Shadow Out of Time

An adaption based on the novel "The ShadowOut of Time" by: H. P Lovecraft
Written by: Richard Svenssonand Daniel Lenneér
Director of live-action: Daniel Lenneér
Director of animation: Richard Svensson
Voice-over: John Hutch
Music composed and mixed by: Christopher Johansson

Åke Rosén

...with supporting roles by;

Christopher Johansson
Thobias Ericsson
Daniel Lenneér

Greenscreen composition: Daniel Lenneér and Richard Svensson
Puppets and animations: RichardSvensson
Credits and Map animation: ChristopherJohansson
Hand actor: Owe Lenneér
Sound filters: ThobiasEricsson
Lettering: Charlotte Jolin
Assistant: David Gustavsson

Produced in unholy union between Millroad Film and The Lone Animator 2011-2012 in Sweden.

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