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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do you need Elder Sign...

Joseph (Casting Call of Cthulhu) Nanni's latest short film Elder Sign is now online, exclusively on Yog Radio! The short was shot on a Red Camera with Director of Photography Ray Dumas, Joseph's
writing and direction and music by Apollo Studios, with amazing digital effects by 4 Stroke Animation...

Joseph tells that the short was "kind of a stop-gap between" three other projects that he is currently working on, all features, the first of which is tentatively titled Black Goat. Joseph goes on to say, "I don't want to give away too much but it is a period piece, it is not a comedy, and it develops and expands the myth of Shub [-Niggurath]. The film will also play in a unique geographical area where Shub calls home. John Coulthart (Haunter of The Dark) has agreed to do production design."

None of the three films are adaptations of any one Lovecraft story, but will incorporate many of Lovecraft's characters and themes. "As I have said before I think adapting Lovecraft is a great pitfall of the genre. Fans inevitably compare the film to the text, which is unfair. Lovecraft's ideas and storytelling are a completely unique experience for readers. My approach to Lovecraft will be similar to others who have added to the mythos. Lovecraft's work was an open system, he encouraged other writers to take the ideas and expand on them and that's where I'd like to go," Joseph says.

If you've seen Casting Call of Cthulhu (it screened at last years HPLFF), you know what Joseph (and his crew) are capable of and Elder Sign is no exception, so head over to Yog Radio and see for yourself! You can also visit for information on all of Joseph's projects...

(Thanks to Joseph Nanni)

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  1. Yet another great (hilarious) homage to the world of Lovecraft from Joseph and co..It's good to laugh when you're frightened.
    Lazarus Ioannou


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