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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Enter the Sleeping Deep...

The Sleeping Deep, a screenplay written by Jeffrey Blake Palmer, has been getting quite a bit of attention lately having already won the 2008 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival Deep One Screenwriter Award and placing as a finalist at the 2009 StoryPros International Screenplay Contest, and it looks like it will only gain momentum now that Jeff is producing promotional materials in the form of screen and camera tests…

(Matthew Magennis and Sheilah Morrison)

Jeff and a talented group of individuals including actors, musicians and artists have been shooting scenes from the screenplay, creating music and artwork and posting them to the films production blog, which you can find here, in hopes of securing funds for a feature…

(Johnnie Rodriguez and Danielle Kerley)

A few of the many people currently working on the project include John Tulin (cinematographer), Mike Nash (concept artist), Shawn P. Russell (composer), Ron Elwell (as Kevin), Matthew Magennis (as Eric), Esther Mulligan (as Janice) and Sheliah Morrison (as Miss Bell). A complete list of cast and crew (as it stands now) is available on the production blog (linked above)…

(Ron Elwell and Esther Mulligan)

Below you will find the promotional poster containing some very cool 'eel demon' artwork by Mike Nash

(Thanks to Jeff Palmer)


  1. hi guys! jo rice here; remember the wacky waitress from port costa? hubby rick is getting set to post his interview with matt on his rarwriter site, and came across the news of this new film. i adore lovecraft immensely,and will soon be off for summer break again, so if you need anyone for some screwy little bit part, i'm...available. p.s when is the dang cast party for "standard' gonna be, huh? i've yet to see a single scene,and am DYING of curiousity. oh, p.p.s i just found out matt will be featured in the april 1st edition of rar, so tell him to look for it. love to you all. jo-jo

  2. this looks like a movie inspired in some HP Lovecraft script, however also look like to a low budget movie, those one with poor special effects.
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