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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Planet Lovecraft 3 available now...

The latest issue of Planet Lovecraft magazine is out now, and can be purchased through! Planet Lovecraft is a quarterly illustrated B&W magazine in the tradition of the old Creepy, Eerie and Heavy Metal magazines of the 70's. Every issue will contain comics, articles and interviews, with one common thread - the master of weird horror, H.P. Lovecraft...

(Bride of Innsmouth artwork © M.A. Rothsbard and J. Souza)

In this issue:

Rothsbard and Souza's "Bride of Innsmouth"
Artist Spotlight on Paul Carrick
Sparvero's "The White Ship"
Davis's "Cadaverizer"
Corless's "Final Delivery"
And more...

The 54 page B&W magazine retails for $7.99...

(Thanks to K.L. Young)

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