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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Festival update...

Here's a little more info on Richard Terrasi's The Festival from the website Arrow in the Head...

Arrow reports that Richard had to expand on Lovecraft's original story to fill out the feature-length running time, and that according to the director, "It's a story that I've been itching to make for a while. I had to write a screenplay that would have interesting characters and a good story, and at the same time be faithful to the short piece."

Richard added that The Festival is a "very dark film driven by visuals, mood and lots of tension."

About the film: A struggling author named Charles Keene travels from NYC to meet with his fiancée's grandparents for a traditional festival held once a year in a small New England town. Upon arrival, he learns that something much stranger and creepier is going on beyond your normal town festival...

(Thanks to Arrow in the Head and Richard Terrasi)

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