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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Celebrating 120 Years of Eldritch Paranoia with a Cthulhu-riffic Cabaret...

For Immediate Release:

the Right Reverend Johnny Landotter (Esoteric Order of Dagon, Landlocked Rocky Mountain Division)

in association with

Pimp My Shoggoth Productions



Friday August 20th is the 120th birthday of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. What's that you say? The paranoid, xenophobic old bastard has been dead since 1937, from a combination of cancer and Bright's Disease? Well of course he has, but why let a little thing like that get in the way of a birthday party?! Have a little vision!

We have. We've had visions aplenty. Appalling visions! Visions of a Cthulhu-riffic cabaret the likes of which this town has never seen! After all, Lovecraft IS the father of modern horror; he deserves no less, we think you'll agree. Yes, a hideous spectacle of spoken word, a phantasmagoria of poetry, music and comedy to drive you mad with glee! A loathsome yet hilarious parade of shambling horrors and general yog-sothery before your very eyes!

Also, birthday cake.

Performances by:
the diabolical Dave Morris
Plutonian Warlock Skawt Chonzz
the malevolent Missie Peters
Tindlosi Hound Wrangler GLuke Maynard
the khaotic Kimberleigh Roseblade
and many other diverse and terrible entities!

And if you haven't fled gibbering from the building after so much cosmic awesomeness, we will present an exclusive screening of director David Prior's award-winning Lovecraftian short film "AM1200" in the second half of the show!

Door prizes!
A thoroughly abominable HPL Trivia Contest!
Prizes for Best Costume!

August 20th -- Solstice Cafe -- 529 Pandora Ave, Victoria
Doors Yawn Wide @ 7:30, Show @ 8
$10 at the door, $5 with costume

Sponsored by: Dark Horse Books, Legends Comics, AudioVideo Replay, Russell Books, Cherry Bomb Toys and The Turntable

(Thanks to Toren Atkinson)

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