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Monday, June 14, 2010

Lovecraft's Providence, From A Different Angle...

Greetings from Fullerton, California!

If you liked my original Flickr collection of over 800 photos I unveiled last year, "
Lovecraft’s Providence, From A Different Angle: Providence & Beyond at the Time of HPL’s Centennial, 1990," but were put off by the photos being in their original chronological shooting order, instead of by location order, then the new collection linked below may become the only way you ever look at the same photos again! Providence, Rhode Island: The Streets - A street by street guide to the photos in "Lovecraft's Providence, From A Different Angle," is now viewable (along with the original collection) at:

With 95 additional detail photos added to the original 803 for clarity; and possibly more to come when I begin working on the Boston and Cambridge photos after the Providence section is completed, this might be a great research tool for everyone looking for H.P. Lovecraft related photos or details.

Annotations, Descriptions, Details, and Tags are still being worked on; but it was necessary to get everything sorted properly to be able to apply all of the same information to the related photos.

This entire project is dedicated to H. P. Lovecraft's upcoming 120th birthday on 20-August-2010; and as a celebration of it being twenty years since all of these photos were taken during the H.P. Lovecraft Centennial in 1990.

I'm working as many hours on this as I can, so it will be as complete as possible by 20-August-2010; but I suspect I'll be tweaking everything here for several years to come.

As always, your comments, corrections, emails, encouragement, and jibes are more than welcome!

Yes, I know this collection pushes these photos to the overkill level!

And finally, a reminder: I always give everyone permission to use any of my photos, for any reason, commercial or private, with or without modifications, for free; with the only stipulation being that you give a Will Hart photo credit if you can.

Please collect them and share them too! Spread the word. Thank You for taking the time to look through my photos.

Will Hart
aka California Cthulhu

(Thanks to Will Hart)

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