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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thing on the Doorstep synopsis online...

It's been awhile since we have mentioned Stuart Gordon's long rumored adaptation of The Thing on the Doorstep, so when I stumbled across the full synopsis, I thought it would be a good opportunity to bring the project to the attention of our new readers...

Said to be in "pre-production", the film was written by long-time Gordon collaborator Dennis Paoli, and will be produced by Robert Katz and Etchie Stroh (for Moonstone Entertainment), but there seems to be no timetable for getting the film in production...

Check out the full synopsis below:

Edward Derby's life is fairly ordinary. All that changes when the seductive and troubled Asenath Waite enters his office. Obviously suffering from severe psychological problems, she claims her debilitated grandfather Ephraim is trying to take over her body…literally.

Edward is unable to resist the intense sexual chemistry between them. When Edward and Asenath make passionate love, Edward feels his soul forcibly ripped from his body. While staring back into his own eyes, he realizes this woman's diagnosis won’t be found in any medical textbook.

After taking over Asenath's body and destroying her soul, Ephraim sets his sights on Edward's body as his next host.

Edward must find a way to destroy Ephraim before he loses his own body and soul.

(Thanks to Moonstone Entertainment)

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