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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Enter the Dimension of Madness...

For Immediate Release:

The Cthulhu Key: Legacy

The debut horror film from Jason Heath is in production with a scheduled Fall 2010 release.

Horror film favorite Bianca Barnett (
Albino Farm, Toybox) stars as Kharma Jones, a woman who must unlock the mystery of The Codicil Coetus, an ancient alien text before a bloodthirsty cult can open a gateway to a dimension of madness that will consume the world.

The Cthulhu Key: Legacy is a dark and chilling film inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft. A fast paced, pulp influenced film, The Cthulhu Key: Legacy is a fast paced decent into madness as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Joshua Moreno (
Death Rattle) stars as Castro, leader of an enigmatic cult that exists only to bring an ancient evil back to Earth. Angela Owens is Angell, the chaotic cultist with a thirst for blood. Kristen Hall (Toybox, Possum Walk) plays the Entity, a shape shifting horror from the beginning of time. Amy Echols High plays the evil Tenebris, an evil alien priestess with her own agenda. Rapper 10 Million makes his screen debut as Cutter, crazed cultist with a gift for pain.

Standing against them are Jarod Warren as Trent, a battle scarred veteran who has seen a lifetime of pain. Stephanie Kelley ( is Dr Dyer, mysterious agent of the Occult Advisory Corps. Grady Mack is Director Alberts, a beleaguered manager pushing to keep everything together. Brandon Noack plays Noah, electronic specialist, and Floyd Miller plays Mill, an expert in the Occult. Sarah Songer plays Clara, a girl with a remarkable ability, one that could lead to life or death.

Rounding out the cast is Horror Queen Monique Dupree, appearing in a very special role, and Kitsie Duncan as network news anchor Judi Nance. The film also features Duane Frazier, Jonathan Winsor, Christie Nickels, Doris Ireland and Abbie Black Jouette.

Musician and composer JK Swopes from brings a dark urban style to the soundtrack score, while Oakree from Propnomicon delivers amazing Cthulhu Mythos art and props. Mark Walker created the
Codicil Coetus, a book of unspeakable evil as old as time itself.

Check out some of the amazing concept art and an early teaser trailer below...

(Thanks to Jason Heath)

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