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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Games of Cthulhu, Part Two

Time for part two of games based off of Lovecraft’s work. There’s plenty of stuff to peek at so no point mentioning what’s already in this months poll.

We’ll start with live action roleplaying. Cthulhu Live (, is the first one, though it's likely most people here already know if it.

Wraith ( is live action Mythos roleplaying set in WWII. Players are members of a British secret intelligence group opposing an equally shadowy group called Wraith.

Moving on to more traditional pen and paper RPG’s, we have Fallen Empires: Cyberthulhu Gaming (, which adapts cyberpunk setting rules to Call of Cthulhu. It's downloadable free.

Speaking of adaptation, Cthulhu has been adapated to more game settings than the now out of print GURPS Cthulhupunk and D20 Cthulhu. Pelgrane Press ( has adapted it to their GUMSHOE game system as Trail of Cthulhu. It’s also been adapted to the True 20 system as Shadows of Cthulhu ([p_id]=384). It’s also been adapted to the Savage Worlds System as Realms of Cthulhu (

If you want Cthulhu set in the future you have Cthulhu Rising ( Another site has Space Cthulhu ( which adapts the Mythos to a Space Opera setting.

There’s also various online games based on the Mythos. Cthulhu Nation ( is an MMORPG loosely based off of Lovecrafts work. You choose one of 4 professions and join “The Group”, a mysterious organization devoted to stopping the Old Ones.

The House on Sentinel Hill ( is a single player browser based game. You play a typical average every day guy with an interest in the paranormal, in this case a very bad house…

The Necromicon ( which Craig mentioned in an earlier post, is a single player card game on Kongregates website. The updated version is on Newgrounds ( You are a low level would be cultist fighting your betters to rise up in the ranks to challenge Cthulhu. As you gain more levels you unlock more powerful cards. On a side note some content on Newgrounds is nsfw.

Cthulhu Fhtagn! ( is another MMORPG based off the Mythos. It has some neat links too.

Cthulhumud ( is an online Cthulhu roleplaying game based on a MUD system ( You can choose to play a human, Deep One, Mi-Go, Yithian, or Zoog.

(Thanks to Keith Lindsay)

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