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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Doug Bradley's talks TWO Lovecraft projects...

Horror icon Doug Bradley (Pinhead from the ongoing
Hellraiser series) spoke with recently about his dislike for remakes and some potential projects including two Lovecraft films, which you can read about below. One film, The Gathering, would team Bradley (as Bram Stoker) with Jeffrey Combs as Edgar Allan Poe and David Naughton, who would play H.P. Lovecraft...

"There's a wonderful horror/comedy script I was sent called DEADLY TANTRUM, which is really, really good. It's a Lovecraft comedy, but it takes Lovecraft very seriously. It's about a rather slow-witted serial killer who has a Cthulhu worm living in his brain that he feeds cheese sandwiches. And every time he kills someone, a portal opens and the soul is fed to Cthulhu, and when he has killed 50 people, Cthulhu can break through the portal and take control of the world. And he has this list of people he wants to kill, which is anyone who's ever worked in public relations—and the 50th victim is anyone who buys an Elton John album. It's very funny, and there's a very nice part in it for me," Bradley tells the site, "There's another one called THE GATHERING which has come my way that's like an Amicus movie; the idea is basically that Bram Stoker, H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe meet every Halloween to tell stories to the devil, and he chooses the winner. They want me to play Bram Stoker, and they tell me they've got David Naughton to play Lovecraft and they're talking to Jeffrey Combs about playing Poe. If the three of us are going to do it together, then I'm on board, because that would be tremendous. That's the landscape I live in. You wait for the green light."

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  1. THE GATHERING I *want* to see this! !! Damn!! ! Hell, I want to steal the idea and write the story : D

  2. Woah ... this sounds to good to miss! Doug Bradley and HPL? What could possibly go wrong?

    @ KIY: They may need a book for the film :o)


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