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Friday, March 26, 2010

Writer talks Onda Drömmar...

Writer Petter Hörberg dropped us a line on the status of Onda Drömmar (click here for previous coverage), a "teaser-pilot" that is a homage to Lovecraft featuring a reluctant anti-hero who faces madness and ungodly creatures in a picturesque Swedish countryside...

"Like always time is money. Since we do not have a lot of money it takes time instead," Petter tells, "We're still in post production on the teaser-pilot. We're almost done with the visual stuff, so it's soon off to our sound guy for scary music and inhuman roars. As soon as the sound is done we're putting it all online."

More as it becomes available, and look for an interview with Petter in the coming weeks...

(Thanks to Petter Hörberg)

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