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Friday, March 19, 2010

Quatermass remake on the way...

Simon Oakes, CEO of Hammer Films, revealed to recently that a re-imagining of the studios classic Quatermass Xperiment (or maybe more specifically, the Quatermass character) is in the works! Described by Andrew Migliore and John Stysik's Lurker in the Lobby as "an excellent film and a great example of cosmic horror that will surely resonant with Lovecraft fans", the Quatermass Xperiment tells of three journeymen whose race to the stars ends when they encounter a mysterious cataclysm that will forever change mankind. Those who survive will be consumed by an unknown alien force hellbent on devouring the Earth, whose only chance is Professor Quatermass...

"...there are the most amazing characters in here that we want to re-imagine, like Quatermass, like Kronos. Doing a new Quatermass movie, doing a new Kronos movie. You know, not remaking the same film...but saying, 'what would the Kronos movie of 2011 look like, or Quatermass of 2012?' Maybe some of these characters should live in television as well, particularly Quatermass, which I'm thinking about at the moment."

Check out the rest of the article, including more talk of Quatermass, here...

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  1. Comments like these, from the head of an outdated and desperate film company, show how essential it has become for a reappraisal of screenwriter Nigel Kneale's work:

  2. If John Carpenter hadn't lost his mind (The Ward/Ghosts of Mars/Saying he will never
    score a film anymore) he would be the perfect
    director for a remake of Quatermass & The Pit.
    But without his music and without him seeming
    to give a shit about anything anymore other
    than basketball, the guy who could do
    this film justice is just not here.

  3. Nigel Kneale is awesome however and the best when it comes to incorporating hardcore
    supernatural horror and hardcore science fiction. I *LOVE* The Stone Tape! I even love Halloween 3 (which he had his name removed from but it still wreaks of his writing).


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